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​​​​Northwest.  It's a point on the compass that has called to explorers in every age, from the early Viking settlers of Greenland  to Henry Hudson to Lewis and Clark. Our name pays homage to their pioneering spirit, particularly the generations of adventurers who sought the fabled "Northwest Passage" connecting Europe to the Far East by a polar sea route. 

At Northwest Passage Capital Advisors, we are modern explorers of a different kind.  Our objective is to connect institutional fixed income investors with the wealth of opportunities in emerging markets by the simplest, most direct route possible.  We scour the globe to build efficient, high impact managed portfolios which deliver new sources of risk premium to our clients with maximum transparency and within customized risk parameters.

Our principals have ​decades of experience managing institutional fixed income portfolios with a global macro ​mindset. We look beyond traditional credit metrics to formulate a dynamic view of evolving threats and opportunities in global fixed income.  In contrast to many traditional bond managers, our investment process systematically incorporates risk information from a broad universe of related markets including FX, volatility, equities, commodities and credit derivatives to form a picture of the investment landscape.  We cross reference information from this quantitative, systematic process with rigorous fundamental and economic analysis to select bonds which are both sound from a risk perspective and timely from a prospective total return point of view.

With a deep background in the insurance industry, our team has a special understanding of the investment needs of life insurers, pension funds, endowments and other investment fiduciaries confronting the challenges of long duration liabilities, low interest rates and constrained investment mandates.  As an institutions-only advisor, we offer tremendous flexibility to adapt our services to the specific operational, regulatory, compliance and risk management needs of our clients.